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Chen has worked at National Taiwan Normal University since August, 2008. Her academic service including acting as editorial and reviewer board member of journals, holding conference for Chinese Association of Education, assisting Education Department as drafter-grader and interviewer. Besides, Chen was also responsible for different positions such as the vice-director of Center for Instructional Research and Development; and now, she is acting as director of Center for Educational Research and Innovation. In the Department of Education, she is academic advisor for college students, and also instructs Master and PhD students as well as being counselors for department affairs.

On Campus


Chen joins several professional associations, taking charge of the journal editing and reviewing. Besides, she is also the reviewer and counselor for different organizations such as the MOE Teacher Excellence Awards, GHF Educational Fellowship, and Thinking BIG of Learning 100. Furthermore, Chen is the practitioner of senior and junior high school education policies, including board member of Anthroposophy Education Foundation, reviewer and counselor of local education policies, lecturer for the principals, and the designer of a variety of workshops.

Other Organizations


School Actualization Program (SAP)

As the principal investigator of SAP, Chen has established the core team with almost 30 scholars and principals to consider the possibility of reform from the policy and the practice perspectives. The team keeps reflecting, and trying to find the structural chasm or “the third space ” to promote educational reform .


Chen growing with cross-school Chinese teacher community, and transform teaching materials since 2013.Chen brings her experiences and assembled different high school teachers organize as ASK team(Attitude-Skill-Knowledge) on December 2016. Interdisciplinary competence-based curriculum design developed and the curriculum design flow created by ASK team were promoted in elementary and junior high schools with workshop.


ASK team developing a lot of tools that used on workshop were collected in website Lima (Learning IMAginaries)” provide teachers to use easily whenever they need. Besides that, these tools also keep in < Literacy-based Teaching of Inquiry Strategies 55 > handbook which had published two season were provided to secondary school teachers to be references and use.

Building ASK Team


Chen has closely cooperated with teacher PLCs and NLCs since 2010, establishing school-based and cross-school communities. In 2017, Chen invited teachers from different senior high schools to join the Attitude Skill Knowledge team (ASK), which has developed interdisciplinary competence-based curriculum design workshop, provided over 100 sessions and influenced more than 3000 teachers since then.

Academic Service


​Leadership Training

Cooperating with Fei-li, Chien,  the former Director General of Yilan County Government Education Department, Chen is now training inspectors, officers, school principals and directors from different cities to familiar the idea of future thinking and systematic thinking, thus enhance their leadership.

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