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Journal Articles
Conference Papers

Presented in Mandarin

  • Chen, P., Wang, T., Olivier, D. F., & Chiu, S. C. (2021, June). Developing a conceptual framework of readiness for change and its application in educational research. Educational Review, 56, 1-43.

  • Chen, P., K, C.Y., & Lin, H. (2021). Boundary objects by NPDL global networking and their effects on co-generating competency-based curriculum. Secondary Education, 72 (2), 34-53.

  • Chen, P., Chung, W. C., Lin, G. J., Hung, W. J., Chen, Y. C., Hsueh, S., & Ko, C. Y. (2020). Enabling Networked Action by Pilot Schools for Nurturing Democratic Professionalism. Secondary Education, 71 (4), 17-31. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Lin, Y. C., & Chen, P. (2020). A Study of the Development Process of School-based Required Courses in a Senior High School from the Perspective of Actor-Network Theory. Secondary Education, 71 (3), 17-29. (Published in Mandarin)

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  • Chen, L. R., Lin, C. H., & Chen, P. (2020). Implications of Social and Emotional Learning in Teacher Education in Taiwan - A case of San Jose State University. Taiwan Educational Review Monthly, 9(5), 30-36. (Published in Mandarin)

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  • Chien, F. L., & Chen, P. (2020). A Study of Formalizing Self-regulation Learning in Senior High School with the Perspective of Learner-centered. Education Research, 309, 24-40. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Kuo, Y. F., & Chen, P. (2019). An International Comparative Study on Taiwan’s Principal Leadership Practices: Evidence from TALIS 2018. Education Research, 308, 4-16. (Published in Mandarin)

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  • Chen, P. (2018). Ideation and Practice of Interdisciplinary Competence-Based Curriculum Workshop. Curriculum Studies, 13(2), 21-42. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Lin, C. H., Chen, L. J., & Chen, P. (2018). Implications of Hong Kong’s “Quality School Improvement Program” for Curriculum Collaboration in Taiwan. Curriculum & Instruction Quarterly, 21(3), 59-90. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Chen, P. (2018). Deep Learning for the Future: Co-engendered curriculum, sustained professional capacity, and systemic transformation. Secondary Education, 69(1), 8-17. (Published in Mandarin)

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  • Chen, P., & Hsieh, H. C. (2017). Introduction of Female and Leadership. Gender Equity Education Quarterly, 78, 11-14. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Chen, P. (2016). Competence-Based Pedagogical Imaginary. General Education Online, 66, 8-10. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Chen, P., Cheng, M. Y., Huang, C., Cheng, Y. C., & Lin, Y. T. (2016). Enabling Pedagogical Imaginary: networked learning communities and school-based learning communities realizing shared visions. Education Research, 265, 91-109. (Published in Mandarin)

  • Chen, P., Huang, T. S., Hsu, M. C., & Hou, C. C. (2015). As Methodology Encounters Digital Learning: Experiencing Flipped Teaching. International Journal on Digital Learning Technology, 8(1), 51-70. (Published in Mandarin)

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Presented in English

  • Chen, P., Yang, C., Hung, Y., Hung, W., & Chen, M. (2020). Exploring high-school readiness for change in Taiwan from a lens of policy design. Journal of Educational Research and Development, 16(3), 93-127. [TSSCI]

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  • Chen, P., & Hsieh H.C. (2019). Women’s academic leadership under competing higher education policies in Taiwan, Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 49(5), 759-776. DOI: 10.1080/03057925.2018.1454826 [SSCI]

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