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Journal Articles
Conference Papers

Published in Mandarin

  • Chen, P. (2023). Digital Learning and Technology Leadership. In M. Y. Lin (Ed.). Curriculum Collaboration and Practice (pp. 100-121). Taipei: The Office of 12-Year Basic Education Taskforce.

  • Chen, P., Xu, R. H. (2022). Policy deployment for the future: innovative governance actions in local education decision-making networks. In C. H. Chang (Ed.). Education decision-making mechanism: review and improvement (pp.121-142). Taipei: Wunan publisher.

  • Chen, P. et al.(2019). Curriculum implementation at a glance of pioneer high schools. In S. Fan (Ed.). Curriculum Collaboration and Practice (pp. 99-113). Taipei: The Office of 12-Year Basic Education Taskforce.

  • Chen, P., Hsieh, H., & Chen, P. (2017). Gender mainstreaming and female academic labor situation and decision-making in higher education. In S. Huang (Ed.). Gender Mainstreaming:Taiwan Experiences and International Comparison (pp.170–192). Taipei: Wu-Nan Publishing Company.

  • Chien, F. & Chen, P. (2015). Leading from function to facilitating-oriented: Crafting inquiry-based school leadership between zero and one. In Chinese Association of Education, Fang, Y. & Tang, J. (Eds.), Educational Imaginary: Evolution and Innovation (p.139-160). Taipei: Pro-Ed Publishing Company.

  • Hsieh, H., Lin, D., & Chen, P.(2014). Gender and Engineering Studies. In W. Lin et al.(Eds.). Technology and Socio-humanity II: New Challenges of Interdisciplinary STS (pp. 27–43)。Hsinchu: National Chiao Tung University Press. 

  • Chen, P. (2012). The fourth pathway for teacher professional development: the theory transforming of the practice from learning community. In Chinese Association of Education, R. J. Hong, & P. Y. Chen (Eds.), Education Vision 2020 (p. 307–358). Taipei: Pro-Ed Publishing Company.

  • Chen, P. & Lin, H.(2009). Introducing Stephen Ball’s main discourses in Education Reform. In C. Mao(Ed.), Curriculum Reform: On Research Topics(pp. 305–326).Taipei: Pro-Ed Publishing Company. 

  • Hsieh, H., Chen, P. & Lin, D.(2008). Sex segregation by fields of study: a comparative study of students from comprehensive university and technology colleges. In S. Chang & S. Peng (Eds.). Learning Process and Academic Performance of University Students in Taiwan (pp. 27–48). Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University.

  • Chen, P.(2006)。Intellectual activism and curricula transformation. In L. Chen (Ed.). Ideas and Practices of Social Re-constructionism Curriculum: Consciousness, Empowerment, and Action (pp. 419–455) Taipei: Wu-Nan Culture Enterprise. 

Published in English

  • Chen, P. (2017). Creating a network for teacher-led reform and pedagogical innovation in Taiwan. In Alma Harris, Michelle Jones & Jane Huffman (Eds.), Teachers Leading Educational Reform: The Power of Professional Learning Communities (p.155-171). UK:Routledge.

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