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It is never too late to be 

what you might have been. - George Eliot.

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Peiying Chen, got her PhD at University of Southern California, US, was majored in Educational Policy and Administration and Program of International & Intercultural Education. After graduated in 2003, she had worked at Huafan University and National Tsing Hua University respectively. In 2008, Chen transferred to the National Taiwan Normal University. She is currently a professor in the Department of Education and Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Administration, and the director of the Education Research and Innovation Center of the NTNU.
So far, she has presided over a total of 47 projects funded by National Science and Technology Council, including 8 multi-year projects, 57 journal articles, 10 books, and 12 book articles. Her fruitful academic achievements let her be elected as distinguished professor of NTNU in 2023.



Chen’s research is based on her core interested in the relationship of subjective agency and the structure transformation. In the field of policy and administration of basic education, Chen features school leadership (including principal leadership, teacher leadership and distributed leadership) and community of practice (teacher’s professional learning community and network learning community), deeply exploring ways of school and education reform through subjective agency. In the field of higher education, Chen especially concerns about the transformative learning of disadvantaged students and gender and leadership issues.



Chen has taught courses such as Comparative Education, Research Methods of Education and Social Sciences, Study on Group Dynamics and Institutional Learning, Study on Changes of Educational Organization and Teacher Leadership, Studies in Gender and Education, Studies in the Sociology of School Teacher, etc.



Since 2007, Chen and about 30 scholars and practitioners have assisted MOE with the School Actualization Program (SAP), which has assisted more than 300 senior high schools. Besides, due to the promotion of 108 new national curriculum, Chen is also responsible for the Pilot School Project. Through sharing local education resources with regional networks, the project aims to strengthen the connections between schools, thus reducing the opposition of the policy and inspiring the agentic willingness for making progression. In 2017, the international conference of the 10-year anniversary of School Actualization Program was held. In the following year, Chen held the Fair of New National Curriculum. Besides, a monograph “Searching for a New Path:A Decade Collection of SAP Achievement” was published in the end of 2018 sharing stories and efforts together made by universities and high schools.

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